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You might actually be trying to convince yourself that you don’t need therapy.  You have it all together.  You are an expert at “keeping it together.”  But it still feels like something is missing, something about your life feels empty, incomplete, or stuck.  That feeling may even be something that sounds like depression, or unrelenting anxiety, or the feeling that you will collapse under the pressure at work. 


You tell yourself you should exercise more, eat better, or apply for a new job, but that a) never seems to happen and b) it doesn’t really feel like the solution.  Moreover, you know that there is a deeper level of connection with others and with yourself that you need to get to, but you don’t know how.  And it’s scary, so you’re not even sure you want to go there. 


Why aren’t there instructions for this?  You do so well with instructions!  You are such an achiever!  You should be able to fix this!  You wish there was a map for all of this uncharted territory, under the skin.

You know that you’re tired of living as you have but you’re not sure how to do it any differently.  

I hear you.  I am with you.   


The reason that I got into this field, was to help others, and myself, understand the patterns and emotional currents that are influencing us all and keeping us from reaching our fullest, most resilient and empowered versions of ourselves. 


I have studied these problems and patterns for years, and I love helping people figure out the answers to the "problems" underneath the skin.

You can read more about my approach below, or just click here to send me an email for a free consultation so we can get started learning about your unique life and the patterns keeping you from your best version of yourself!


I use an integrative and evidence-based approach, using the science of attachment to understand the important relationships in your life, and how these influence your day-to-day world.  I combine this work with short-term, evidence-based interventions, specifically cognitive-behavioral and third-wave therapies. 


I believe in helping people understand the science behind these approaches, distilling a lot of information for you in ways that you can understand and using these techniques to help you see your own patterns clearly, and make new choices based on new levels of understanding.  


Research shows consistently that when we can see our patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, this is invaluable information that can change how we interact with moments of pain or suffering in dramatically different ways.  

If you'd like to learn more about attachment theory, or other foundational aspects of my work, please look through the resources page.  

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