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I get it.  You feel lost and stuck at the same time.


You find yourself in the same argument with your partner, and it feels like an intolerable ride.  You’ve tried ignoring it (didn’t work) or out-thinking it, but that’s like trying to catch your own tail, it all goes too fast, and it’s hard to pin down where it goes off the tracks. 


What you do know is that you both end up feeling hurt and not knowing how to make your way back to the other through the maze of hurt and anger.  


You’re looking for some clarity in what can feel like chaos, because it is.  You’re insightful and smart, and you’ve tried reflecting on your own part in the tangle of hurt feelings that happens between the two of you.  You’ve maybe even read a few books, but it’s hard to really know where to start, how to slow it all down, how to understand these painful moments so that you can actually untangle your hearts. 


This is exactly what I love helping people with.  Making sense of the madness of love relationships.


You can read more about my approach below or click here to schedule a free consultation so I can help you figure out how to start unraveling.

I am extensively trained in Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT), and have completed my externship with Sue Johnson, the developer of EFT for couples.  This evidence-based treatment is currently the gold-standard for working with couples, based on cutting edge research on relational patterns and the neurobiological underpinnings of attachment theory.    

I bring both research and clinical experience working with couples.  I integrate attachment theory with research on stress/arousal and neurobiology to treat relationship patterns and distress from a holistic perspective.  I am strongly influenced by mindfulness-based practices and incorporate these approaches frequently in my work with couples.  

If you'd like to learn more about EFT, attachment theory, or other foundational aspects of my work, please look through the resources page.  

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